Review: Refilling Your Inkwell by Kellie Sheridan

Name: Refilling Your Inkwell – Getting Motivated, Finding Inspiration, and Conquering Your Writing Rut!
Author: Kellie Sheridan
Genre: Non-fiction
Pages: 78
Format: E-book
Received: Purchased
Published: April 28th 2015 by Weapenry
Stars: 5/5

I have come across many, many books out there that cover how to be a writer, how to craft stories, how to publish, and generally all other aspects of the Author world except one: Writer’s Block.

Kellie Sheridan rectifies that with “Refilling your Inkwell” a book of advice on how to fight through blocks, walls, ruts, and other such writing hazards. Whether it’s problems with plot, lack of time, lack of inspiration, or something else entirely. Whatever the cause for the rut, this book covers it.

Sharing the problems of her own writing slump, Kellie offers help and advice, sharing tools that have helped her get back into her writing, and even some that haven’t, but might be useful anyway. As well as the dictate of “butt in seat, fingers on keys.”

This book doesn’t just cover the apps, programs, and other such tools writers can use, but gives advice on routines, building momentum, and changing up ones writing habits, as well as getting involved with the wider writing community. All for a fresh look on the writing process itself.

This is not a vastly long book, I managed to get through it over a Bank Holiday weekend, but the information within was invaluable in getting past my own writing slump. A book that I would recommend to any and all writers, whether they have suffered Writer’s Block or not.

In short, an enjoyable read, that imparts both wisdom, and knowledge.


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