Writing and Voice

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend today, regarding something they brought up, that had appeared on their Facebook feed.

Stephen King has offered a lot of advice over the years on writing, and story crafting. One of the things he has written about is “Don’t try to steal someone else’s voice.”

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The Life of a Writer – writing while sick

I’m sitting here right now, laptop on my lap, home sick from my day job. Like many writers, aspiring or otherwise, I have a full-time job to pay the bills while I wrestle time away from family and other commitments to put time in to my writing.

I woke up today, feeling like I’d been run over in my sleep by a gigantic tractor-trailer, and realized that the very notion of getting out of bed seemed like a herculean task. Work simply wasn’t going to happen. Being a writer, naturally, what was the next thought that popped in to my head? “Ooh, if I’m sick, I can write when I’m not sleeping!”

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